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Aug 09

Coraline the Movie

Posted by Carlos in Reviews

CoralineThis past week my family and I saw Coraline the movie, directed by Henry Selick. This was an excellent movie which becomes even better once you know how it was made. The movie stars Dakota Fanning, Teri Hatcher, and Jennifer Saunders to name a few, but the true stars are the animators.


hp1Our family has begun a project for the summer, where we review one item a week. So each week, everyone takes on one item (book, movie, product, event, etc..) to give their take on it. My review for this week is of the movie Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. This is a theatrical adaptation of the book of the same name. Although it has been some time since I read the book, I believe that the movie did the book proud.


books-stacked2My friend Rebecca posted a list of already read books that had a lasting impact on her. I thought this was an interesting little project, so I embarked on writing my own list. I did spend way too much time on compiling the list and for a while there I kept adding and taking books off the list. Finally I decided that it would be best just to put up what I had.

Some of these books have had a mind altering effect on me others just made me think. I know there will be more books to add to the list, but here I list the top ten in no particular order.