Jun 22

Surprise Rush Concert!

Posted by Carlos in Personal

Geddy Lee of Rush rocking it outMy beautiful, awesome, wonderful wife took me out on Sunday (June 15th, 2008) for my birthday and Father’s Day gift. I thought we were going to the movies and instead she took me to my very first RUSH concert.
It was awesome……

Everything people have told me over the years about how great their concerts were was confirmed and made even better due to the fact that she got us VIP tickets. So we got special parking, lounge area, wait staff at our beck and call, and sweet box seats.

Awesome Light Show at Rush Concert.

If this is the last concert I ever go to I am content. This was an exhilarating experience and I had my wife there to share it with me.

According to the schedule, they are coming back to New England in July, so if you have never been to a RUSH concert or it has been a while, I would HIGHLY recommend it.

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