Dec 15

The Sopranos Is OVER!

Posted by Carlos in Opinions

Tony Soprano So I finally watched the final episode of the Sopranos. This is the infamous one that has the weird unexpected ending. But as I was brushing my teeth this morning, I had an epiphany.
Tony Soprano is DEAD! OK, so I haven’t read any opinions or online threads so as to ensure that my thoughts were not contaminated with the ideas of others as to why the series ended the way it did. But I am pretty sure that the reason that the last scene goes black and silent is because at that moment, Tony gets it.

It could be the guy who walked into the bathroom before Meadow walked in (I am putting my money on that guy), or it could be the teenagers that were loitering at the front of the restaurant, but he’s dead.
You remember the episode where Tony and his brother-in-law Bobby are on the boat fishing? Bobby says something to the effect that one probably doesn’t hear the fatal shot when it happens. Then the scene is again played out when Tony is hiding out in Uncle Junior’s old house (I would call this heavy-handed foreshadowing).

Now when you look at the ending with this idea in mind, then it makes total sense and actually makes the ending pretty clever.
Hopefully there will be another show that will be as good as this series was.