Nov 26

Happy Anniversary Tonie!

Posted by Carlos in Personal

My WifeHappy Anniversary to the most beautiful woman I know. She has been my friend and companion for the last fourteen years and I am where I am because of her. Who would of thought that a beautiful girl such as her would be interested in a skinny guy like me (I was skinny back then really).
A little over fourteen years ago, I was just a young man who had seen his share of the world and hadn’t yet decided how to begin the rest of his life. I met Tonie and my path seemed illuminated from all sides. I know that there were bumpy spots and it is to her credit that we were able to overcome those bumps in the road.

I know I sound a bit corny, but love does that to people.

If you are reading this Tonie, there’s one other thing I want to say:


Happy Anniversary Honey.