Nov 20

Prince Is Back!

Posted by Carlos in Opinions

Planet EarthThe Prince is back, with his latest album “Planet Earth”. Although some critics may call this album ‘alright’, I’d say ignore them and find out for yourself.

“Guitar” is a great tune where you get to hear his guitar playing and “Chelsea Rodgers” is an upbeat song that has a catchy tune.

I can actually say that I enjoyed every song on this album (of course some more than others) and would recommend everyone to at least take a listen to it. There is something here for everyone. Even those who are not Prince fans will find at least one song on the album catchy.

Chelsea RodgersSo check out the music video for ‘Chelsea Rodgers‘ and come back and tell me what you think.
Of course, you can preview the album “Planet Earth” at the iTunes Store.

Also for those who are Prince fans, check out his official website at He posts a Jam Of The Week that usually is not on any album, but they are a great representation of his musical genius.