Oct 23

The Victim That Just Wouldn’t Die

Posted by Carlos in Web Stuff

Mike MalloyBar owner Anthony Marino and his pals conspired together to defraud insurance companies by insuring the drunks who patron his establishment and then helping them die early. Unfortunately for Marino and his pals, it did not turn out to be so easy.

One of Marino’s patrons was a 50 year old ex-Fireman and engineer by the name of Mike Malloy. He seemed perfect for the scheme because he was living the life of a derelict and alcohol had made him unable to hold a steady job.
Marino and his buddies, had Malloy sign three life insurances by telling him that they were petitions to elect Marino for local office. They then proceeded to feed him as much alcohol as they could, but after several weeks Malloy’s health seemed actually to be improving.

Marino and the gang realized that Malloy was going to cost them more than what he would bring in when he died. So they began administering poisons to Malloy, but still he persevered.

Read the rest of the story at The Durable Mike Malloy (The Daily News). [Thanks to Papi for bringing this story to my attention].