Sep 28

The President We Wish We Had?

Posted by Carlos in Opinions

Evo Morales - President of BoliviaOn September 25th, “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” had on as a guest the President of Bolivia, Evo Morales. Not only did I think that this interview was the best that Jon Stewart has had on his show to date, it almost made me wish that I was Bolivian.
Evo Morales, to me, came across as the politician we all wish we had. When he ran for office, he pledged to do three things (redistribute land, nationalize oil industry, and agrarian reform), and delivered all within 8 months of taking office.

During the interview, Jon Stewart told the President that in this country elections are fixed. Without missing stride (after the translator translated the remark), the President suggested that the American people do something about that.

Check out the entire interview here.
More about President Morales on his Wikipedia page (here).