Aug 03

Freaks And Geeks by Paul Feig

Posted by Carlos in Reviews

Recently our family watched the Complete Series of Freaks and Geeks. This was a television series that aired in the fall season of 1999. Unfortunately it was canceled that same season. I enjoyed each and every episode and made me think back on the time when I was in high school, many years ago.

The show focused on the teenagers of the Weir family and their friends. It was set in the 1980’s in a Michigan High School. Personally I would have to say that what is covered in each of the episodes of the show could happen at any high school in America. I attended Richmond Hill High School in Queens, NY and then transferred to First Colonial High School in Virginia Beach, VA and must say that life in school was pretty much the same at both places.

What I particularly like about the show is that the characters are multidimensional, for example; Daniel Desario which one can call the leader of the Freaks is the tough guy but one sees the softer side of him as the show progresses.

Another aspect of the show I like is the way it deals with issues that are important to teenagers going through that time, everything from sex to peer pressure is covered. Unfortunately, I don’t think many teens watched the show when it originally aired so the message may have been lost but with the DVD release the series turns out to be a great way for families to discuss these issues without it being a lecture.

The show I feel, was made better by the cast. Lindsay Weir is played by Linda Cardellini who recently played a major character in the now canceled show ER. John Francis Daley who plays Sam does an excellent job at being the naive brother to Lindsay (you can see him now as the intelligent psychiatrist on Bones). And of course there is Ken (portrayed by Seth Rogen) who you can’t miss if you go to the theater these days.

Freaks and Geeks was another one of those shows canceled by the network prematurely because of the impatient nature of the executives. I believe that if they would have let the show continue, it would have been another one of those great shows of all time. If you haven’t seen the show, I would highly recommended it.

Oh and if you have kids in their early teens it is a must see.