picture-7 Cell Signaling Technology is again featured on the Science portion of Apple, Inc.’s website. This is the second time we have been featured on their website for our choice to switch to Macintosh computers.

The first time we were featured it was for switching over to the Macintosh platform. Previously we were using Windows Terminals with Citrix Terminal Servers on the backend. We then decided to switch to a platform that would support our growth and after an extensive fact gathering project, we presented our findings to our CEO and he selected the Mac OS X 10.x platform.

Since then we have grown four fold and have continued using the Macintosh platform as our standard. This latest feature focused more on how we use the Macs and why we have stayed with the platform over the years.

It is funny to see how much the quality of these pieces has evolved. If you look at the original video they made, you can’t help but notice that the latest video is a Hollywood motion picture by comparison.