NEIAS 2008Carlitos, Justice and I went to the New England International Auto Show that was being held at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. We had a great time looking at vehicles from the pratical to the crazy expensive.
Of course, the day did seem like it was going to be a disaster….
We arrived at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center (BCEC) a little bit before opening time. The center has a great parking area which is rather close to the main entrance. They also have shuttle buses that will take you from the parking area to the event’s main entrance. I had the boys leave their coats behind, so we wouldn’t have to carry them around inside, and we ran for one of the shuttles.
When we arrived to the event entrance, I checked to ensure I had everything ( don’t ask me why I didn’t do this before locking the car) and lo and behold I did not have my car keys. I asked the boys and Justice remarked (nonchalantly I might add) “Didn’t you pick them up when you dropped them on the floor in the van?”.

An hour later, after AAA came and retrieved my keys for me (we should have valet parked, after tipping the AAA guy it cost just as much), we went to get inside. Now I always take advantage of online tickets whenever possible, so I presented my printouts that had the three tickets for us and one of them would not read. The ticket taker kept trying to scan the tickets in and it just wouldn’t. Mind you the scanner had a keypad where she could have just typed the barcode number in, but she sent me to the main office so we could get another ticket. We went to the main office and upon our return to the front of the line, we were finally inside the exhibit hall.

This place is HUGE. You read all about how it’s 4.8 hectares but you don’t realize how big that is until your in the space. There were cars as far as the eyes could see. We did some rough calculations and came up with about 1100 cars.

With so many vehicles, we had many cars to look at and check out. The boys decided to look for the most fuel efficient vehicle at the show as well as the least expensive. They found the most fuel efficient to be the Honda Prius with 48 miles per gallon (mpg) in the city and 45mpg on the highway (it was also the only one that had better mileage in the city than the highway). The most inexpensive vehicle (based on the posted sticker price) was the 2009 Hyundai Accent which was tagged at $9,999.99. It had good mileage (what we considered average after what we saw) 26mpg on city and 35mpg on highway. For it’s price it did not appear like a cheap vehicle, but it did feel a bit cramped (at least for me).

Anyway, we also saw the 2009 Dodge Challenger, the new Nissan Cube (which the people manning the booth informed us was inspired by the Apple iPod), and the new Hummer H3 Truck. After looking at all these vehicles, the boys found it interesting that the more expensive the vehicle was the less miles per gallon it was rated at. As a matter of fact, we even saw some vehicles that had a ‘Gas Guzzler Tax’ added to the price.

While we were there, we also had lunch at the BCEC food court. They had a good variety of food, but it was very expensive. We had bought three bottles of flavored water and the bill came to $12.00. Which caused Justice to exclaim ‘Each bottle is $4.00!?!’, after doing the calculations a couple of times in his head just to make sure he had it right.

We did see some interesting vehicles, like a huge monster truck whose tires were taller than Carlitos and Justice. There were also some cool tricked out vehicles with entertainment centers in the trunk. After seeing a vehicle with huge speakers and LCD display in the trunk, Carlitos wondered if one had to have two vehicles so you can go grocery shopping. We were disappointed however that we only saw one concept car. The car was the Saab Air 9X. It was cool with it’s digital dashboard (it was comprised of several computer displays which provided information and video feeds from the various cameras (two were the side view mirrors) the vehicle had.

We took well over 600 pictures as each of us was equipped with our own camera. Here are a couple of the ones I think are the best ones I shot ( NEIAS 2008 Pictures ). [The boys will post their best shots on their site shortly and I’ll update this story with them when they do.]

We can’t wait till next year’s show and hope that there are more crazy concept cars in the show.