With the Elections right around the corner (only 24 days left as of today), we are being bombarded with more and more information from both parties. The problem usually is that we must take what any of the parties say with a grain of salt. Many of us may be asking how does one get the truth out of what is said?

FactCheck.org is a website that is dedicated to extracting the truth out of what politicians say so that voters have all the accurate data necessary to make an informed decision in the voting booth.

For example, during the last presidential debate, Senator McCain said that Senator Obama had voted 94 times to raise taxes or against tax cuts. A brief visit to FactCheck.org and one learns that Senator Obama’s votes actually attempted to raise taxes on upper-income taxpayers but keep taxes the same or lower them for middle- or lower-income Americans.

Senator Obama indicated that Senator McCain has voted 23 times against alternative fuels. FactCheck.org indicates that this is misleading, they found that 11 of those votes were for reducing or eliminating tax incentives or subsidies while the rest were against the mandatory use of alternative energy.

These two examples show that what politicians say can be at times misleading (not that I had to tell you all this), but it is good to have someone out there like FactCheck.org that is peeling away the falsehoods and half-truths so we can clearly see the truth.

Check out FactCheck.org and make an informed voting decision.