Aug 31

Margaret’s Suicide Letter

Posted by Carlos in Writings

Margaret and Linda. Final Family Portrait.Eighty four years. My sister and I have been competing against one another literally since birth. We were born fighting to see who would be first.

There wasn’t anything that was off limits when it came to our sibling rivalry. Our parents affections, boyfriends, school, etc. were all part. We’ve gone years without speaking to one another, but always keeping an eye out for what the other was doing to ensure they were not doing it better than the other.

We were the best wives until one of us strayed then competed to see who could be the best adulterer. I won that one by having five affairs before my ex-husband found out.

In the end I thought I won. Killed my sister and got away with it. Three months later, I realize my mistake. Without her to compete there is no point. So in the end, she wins.


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